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Both emerging and established brands turn to Cosmetic Solutions to create superior, innovative and results-driven products. Our expertise and consumer insight allows us to stay ahead of the trends so that our partners can respond quickly to consumers who are more educated than ever seeking what’s new and next. We are in-tune with the latest industry movements and constantly on the lookout for rare active ingredients and premium product formulations.

Working with our Brand Innovators will allow you to develop exceptional products and unique collections that are sure to set your brand up for success.

We are committed to providing our clients and their customers with innovative, cost effective skincare formulations that provide unmatched performance and results. Our promise includes: 

  • We are PARTNERS with our customers and guarantee outstanding, friendly customer service.
    • We make all of our products on-site in our Boca Raton facility, ensuring all of your products are Made in the USA.
    • We use only the highest quality ingredients.
    • Our team will willingly sign confidentiality agreements with clients
    • Cosmetic Solutions requires that every member of our staff sign confidentiality agreements
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