At Cosmetic Solutions we have devoted the past 30 years to establishing ourselves as internationally recognized experts and thought-leaders in the research, development and production of innovative, performance skincare, beauty and wellness products.

With proficiency in cosmetic chemistry and professional skincare manufacturing, Cosmetic Solutions consistently produces proven formulas and groundbreaking products to meet the specifications of emerging and established brands, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, spa owners and retail professionals.

With an extensive portfolio of superior products, Cosmetic Solutions provides unparalleled opportunities for private label branding, while also specializing in custom formulation and contract manufacturing.

Our exceptional products are formulated, tested, created, packaged and shipped all from our 100,000 square foot Boca Raton, Florida Innovation Campus. We are also FDA Registered, cGMP Compliant and an ISO 22716 Certified Personal and Skincare Contract Manufacturer.

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Cosmetic Solutions was born from the desire to create innovative, quality products that consumers can count on to see real results. In the late 1980s, world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Hilton Becker began developing a unique and natural line of topical treatments for his patients. He wanted to find them a safe alternative to the harmful ones circulating the practice at the time.

Knowing that high-grade skin care products are the cornerstone to healthy, vibrant skin, Dr. Becker worked together with his brother, Mervyn Becker to zero in on three superior, safe and natural active ingredients – Glycolic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, and Squalane. Through extensive research and clinical testing, the Beckers were able to prove the efficacy of their products, particularly in the rejuvenation and restoration of over-stressed and dehydrated skin.

Word spread rapidly of their research and success, and the products were quickly in high demand by respected practitioners in the medical community.

In the early 90s, Mervyn Becker established Cosmetic Solutions and began to manufacture these scientifically formulated products to meet private label demands.

Today that demand has continued to grown and Cosmetic Solutions has evolved into one of the highest quality and most innovative private label/contract manufacturing enterprises in the world. The three key ingredients still serve as the pillars of Cosmetic Solutions’ formulation library and the revolutionary formulations continue to endure based on a humble philosophy that safe and natural products simulate and accelerate the skin’s natural healing processes.

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