The Cosmetic Solutions Scholarship Program

Cosmetic Solutions awards Kemberlie Louis with $50000 scholarship

Kemberlie Louis

First Scholarship Awarded on Friday July 1

Kemberlie has a love for reading and challenging herself in order to achieve her long term goals. She aspires to help as many people as possible, in the most impactful way possible. With the assistance of this scholarship, she looks forward to furthering her education in the medical field after graduating with her social work degree in May 2023

CS Employees

Both of Kimberlee’s parents are long-time employees at Cosmetic Solutions. Her father Yves is a mechanic, and her mother Felicia is a production line employee. The family was elated with the news of the scholarship award.

“We are thrilled that Kemberlie was chosen, and thankful the company is giving her the opportunity to get a better education. We fight for our kids to get education, to work hard and take nothing for granted in life,” said Yves Louis. “My father always pushed me to improve and go forward, and we try to do the same for our kids. Kemberlie promised that she would beat me in all that she does; with her grades, goals, everything. She works very hard and has high ambitions to go into the medical field. Now she will be able to do that! We want to give a huge thank you to Cosmetic Solutions for this amazing opportunity and promise she won’t take it for granted. I know she will take full advantage of this scholarship.”

Cosmetic Solutions awards Kemberlie Louis with $50000 scholarship
Cosmetic Solutions awards Kemberlie Louis with $50000 scholarship
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