Color-Changing Detoxifying Mood Mask

This detoxifying mask magically changes colors on application for a sensorial and calming self-care experience. Infused with feel-good nootropic ingredients and detoxifying actives for clear, happy, healthy skin. 

 Key Benefits: 

  • Color-changing texture provides a sensorial experience 
  • Infused with mood-boosting nootropics for holistic wellness 
  • Visibly detoxifies stressed skin 

Key Ingredients: 

  • Color Changing Pigments 
  • Kaolin Clay 
  • Salicylic Acid 
  • Hydrangea Extract 
  • St Johns Wort Extract 
  • Sage Extract 
  • Ashwagandha Extract 

 Directions: Apply to clean skin, massage thoroughly to activate color changing effect. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Remove with warm water. 

 Trends: Floral Actives, Sensorial Beauty, Nootropics, Social Ready Skincare

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