Cosmetic Solutions Team Offers a Look Ahead With Its Compelling 2022 Movements + Trends Report

Skincare hasn’t been exempt from the noticeable shifts many industries are currently experiencing. The landscape — like the times — is evolving, and with new and exciting possibilities on the horizon, there’s no better time than the present to look ahead.

So what do brands and beauty enthusiasts have to look forward to in the coming year? Our soon-to-be-released 2022 “Movements + Trends” report is chock-full of data-driven insights not only of the year that was, but, even better, of what’s to come.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the report’s biggest takeaways:

1. Skin Health Intersects With Mental Health: Psychodermatology (i.e., the study of how skincare treatments influence the mental state) is on the rise, primarily due to nootropics’ growing public profile. Right now, skincare is the No. 2 vehicle for dispersing nootropics to users in the form of supplements. However, moving into 2022, consumers will see nootropics make their way into the likes of moisturizers, serums, and more.

2. Microdosing Is Going Macro: Doing a lot with a little — aka microdosing —is nothing new in skincare. Still, as the pandemic and its after-effects continue to loom, microdosing is a practice that will continue to pick up steam in the coming year.

Even when working with less product than usual, consumers can still see noticeable and beneficial gains by using smaller amounts of everyday treatments in as focused a manner as possible. The ingredients in which a little goes a long way (e.g., retinoids/retinols, hydroxy acids, etc.) will be popular microdosing options in 2022 and beyond.

3. The Kindness Connection: In 2022, kindness is key for beauty consumers. Not only do they want products that are amiable to their personal skincare needs, but they also want ones that give back and are kind to our overall well-being and the world. Going forward, brands should consider adding a do-gooder mentality.

Intrigued by what else we have to share? Click here access your free download of the 2022 “Movement + Trends” report.

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