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How Cosmetic Solutions Adapts to Supply Chain Issues

Maintaining Agility in the Market: How Cosmetic Solutions Adapts to Supply Chain Issues As a consumer, you have probably faced the dreaded “out of stock” sign at your local cosmetic store and for some of you, this is a common occurrence. Supply chain issues are more often than not the culprit behind this problem, which can also cause businesses to push back or outright forgo product launches. This cascading effect can have impacts not only on business operations but brand reputation as well. Beauty brands are actually booming these days despite prolonged inflation and a looming economic recession. The beauty industry is an estimated half-trillion-dollar market. Though, it’s not without its challenges. Supply chain management in the beauty industry is tough. It requires agility. Beauty brands rely on various supply chains and the impacts can be devastating if not managed strategically. Supply-Chain Challenges Faced by the Beauty and Personal Care Industry The beauty industry is impacted by mismanaged supply chain and fulfillment issues in many ways. It is difficult to find that perfect balance and companies usually end up with too much or too little of the products they need — both unwanted outcomes. Supply chain and fulfillment issues, especially

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