Cosmetic Solutions’ Ultralash is a unique eyelash conditioner and volumizer that, with daily use, gives longer, stronger, more beautiful lashes Using yeast-derived glycoproteins, Ultralash magnifies and thickens lashes, as well as increasing flexibility and preventing breakage. This allows eyelash hair to reach its full potential.

Key Benefits
  • Conditions eyelashes for a naturally fuller appearance
  • Helps increase lash volume
  • Lashes appear longer and thicker
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How it Works

Ultralash efficacy is due to its conditioning properties and antioxidants. Ultralash uses glycoproteins which give it the ability to measurably thicken lashes, by creating a flexible, moisture retentive film on the eyelashes. The glycoproteins provide the lashes with a fuller look, while also protecting them. The conditioning property of Ultralash delivers long-lasting hydration to lashes, which prevents them from breaking and nurtures eyelash growth. The healthier your lashes, the longer they will be. This product is ideal for anyone who wants to give their lashes a luscious boost and isn’t satisfied with the performance of their mascara alone or would like an alternative to wearing mascara altogether.

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