Oil Free Moisturizing Gel

Moisturizers are necessary to rehydrate and compensate for moisture loss due to the skin’s unavoidable exposure to the elements. In order to provide a diverse and expansive option, Cosmetic Solutions’ Oil Free Moisturizing Gel is an innovative moisturizer that rehydrates and strengthens the skin without the use of oil-based ingredients. Oil Based  ingredients are not very suitable for individuals with problematic skin, so this incredible alternative is perfect in supplying skin with moisture, without having to worry about any oily or aesthetic side-effects. Seaweed Extract combined with Hyaluronic Acid work together in a smooth and refreshing gel, to provide the skin with superior levels of hydration. The Seaweed Extract ingredient also helps strengthen the epidermal barrier of the skin, providing enhanced protection and water locking benefit.

Key Benefits
  • Helps strengthen the epidermal barrier
  • Is perfect for problematic skin
  • Moisturizes the skin
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How it Works

Cosmetic Solutions’ Oil Free Moisturizing Gel substitutes traditional moisturizing ingredients with a powerful and nourishing combination of Seaweed Extract and Hyaluronic Acid. Both these actives are oil free and work together to provide the moisture and protection necessary for healthy skin. Seaweed Extract is highly compatible with human plasma and helps promote the outer skin layer with growth and development. This improves the skin’s natural barrier function. By increasing cellular density in the outer layer, it helps the skin to better weather conditions, such as harmful UV rays, winds, or extreme temperatures, while locking moisture safe inside. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that occurs naturally within the skin, but sadly diminishes in levels with age. It has the wonderful tendency to attract and retain water from the outside environment, making it an excellent moisture trapper. The absence of any oil based ingredients means that it won’t clog skin pores, making this an excellent option for problematic skin.

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