Ceramide Skin Sealer

This ultra-emollient cream works overtime on dry, sensitive skin to support compromised skin barriers due to over exfoliation, sun exposure and exposure to environmental aggressors. This thick and rich cream provides a sensorial, cocooning effect and encompasses a robust essential ceramide blend to nurture the skin barrier and lock in full spectrum moisture utilizing plant-based emollients and occlusives.

Key Benefits:

  • · Provides moisture locking skin support with emollient based ingredients with occlusive properties.
  • · Supports skin barrier function.
  • · Visibly calms and soothes skin to reduce redness.
  • · Enhances penetration of moisture and barrier repairing ingredients to lock-in moisture.

Key Ingredients:

  • · Yuzu Derived Ceramide
  • · Oat Derived Ceramide
  • · Pineapple Derived Ceramide
  • · Squalane
  • · Ceramides 1, 2, 3 4 and 6
  • · Hydrafence (Red Algae & Rice Derived Ceramide Booster)

Instructions for Use: Apply over top of Liquid Ceramide Serum on areas that are extra dry, irritated or chapped to lock moisture in, or all over for particularly dry skin.

Trends: Barrier Repair, Trending Ingredients, Plant-Based Actives, Bio-Available Ingredients.

Readiness: Prototype

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