Refreshing Cooling Spray

This soothing spray re-energizes dull, fatigued skin with an invigorating blend of aloe and eucalyptus oil. Its astringent properties help to tone and balance the skin’s pH. Nourishing botanicals cool, refresh and hydrate skin in an instant. Mist on the skin for a midday pick-me-up and to ease dryness and irritation.

Private Label Refreshing Cooling Spray

why it's different

Cooling Moisture
This refreshing mist hydrates the skin on contact. Glycerin draws moisture to the skin to replenish, revitalize and reduce signs of dryness and irritation.

Soothing Botanicals
Extracts of aloe, eucalyptus and witch hazel help to relieve redness in aggravated or sensitive skin.

Unrivaled Efficacy
This formula utilizes each ingredient in its most effective form, selected specifically for its ability to deliver real results

key benefits

  • Calms and soothes the skin
  • Minimizes redness and irritation
  • Provides light moisture

skin concerns

  • Normal skin
  • Irritated skin
  • Blemish-prone skin

how it works

This rejuvenating mist blends ingredients that soothe, refresh and tone the skin. Glycerin helps the skin retain moisture and alleviates dryness, tightness and irritation. Eucalyptus cools and clarifies congested skin, with soothing properties that aid in the healing of imperfections. Witch hazel helps to minimize the look of enlarged pores and tones the skin, while aloe vera calms redness.