Rose Clay Soothing Mask

This multi-action mask blends multiple clays to soothe and refresh tired, dull-looking skin. Its natural rosy hue comes from mineral-rich clay that helps to gently draw out excess oil and impurities, leaving skin with a smooth, mattified finish. It works to refine the appearance of large pores without drying out the skin. Chamomile and hyaluronic acid provide soothing and hydrating properties, so skin feels soft and comforted.

Key Benefits
  • Absorbs excess oil and impurities
  • Boosts the appearance of brightness and radiance
  • Helps to minimize the appearance of congested pores
  • Helps to soothe and calm the skin
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  • Chamomile Comforting Complex
    Chamomile helps to calm and soothe the skin, while hyaluronic acid works by keeping moisture locked in, so the skin stays soft, conditioned and comfortable.
  • Purifying Pink Clay
    With its beautiful pink pigment and revitalizing properties, rose-colored clay helps to boost radiance and cleanse the skin.
  • Unrivaled Efficacy
    This formula utilizes each ingredient in its most effective form, selected specifically for its ability to deliver real results.

How it Works

This refining mask soaks up oil and impurities while replenishing moisture, leaving skin with the perfect balance of hydration and glow. It works to minimize the appearance of pores for a soft matte finish. The formula features a blend of natural earth minerals and clay, including bentonite and illite. This pure, pink-hued clay revitalizes and renews radiance in dull, tired skin, while supporting a brighter appearance. Chamomile extract helps to soothe and comfort the skin, while hyaluronic acid locks in comforting hydration. Skin is left soft, smooth and balanced.

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