Perfeline Eye Cream

The eyes play a significant role when it comes to judging someone’s age. Wrinkles, dark circles
and puffiness in the eye area all portray an older appearance. Treating the eye region, especially dark circles and swelling under the eyes, can make a tremendous difference when it comes to perceiving one’s years. Restore a youthful and captivating gaze with Cosmetic Solutions’ Perfeline Eye Cream. This miracle cream uses 3 incredible ingredients to directly fight the cause of dark circles and puffiness. Chenopodium Quinoa Seed Extract, Caffeine and Butchers Broom Extract are all naturally derived ingredients that work together to drastically improve the appearance of the eye area, giving you a more youthful, awake and vibrant appearance.

Key Benefits
  • Alleviates swelling of the eye area
  • Helps improve microcirculation
  • Helps reduce the formation of red blood cells around the eye area
  • Helps strengthen blood vessel walls in the thin skin around eye area
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How it Works

The skin area around the eyes is naturally delicate and thin, and gets thinner as we age. This leaves the eye area rather translucent which displays the small blood vessels under the eyes more clearly. With poor circulation and weakened blood vessel walls, discoloration is more vivid. Exposure to the elements and daily stresses such as lack of sleep may trigger inflammatory responses which contribute to puffy eyes. The skin’s tendency to reduce the swelling may also be hindered because natural lymphatic drainage of fluid decreases with age. Cosmetic Solutions’ Perfeline Eye Cream uses three  excellent ingredients to improve the microcirculation and help reduce swelling. This has a profound effect in improving the appearance of the eye area. Butchers Broom Extract taken from the Rescues  Aculeatus plant helps strengthen blood vessel walls, which makes the walls of the blood and lymphatic vessels more resistant to spreading and seepage, reducing the extent of redness and improving fluid flow. Caffeine is included to stimulate microcirculation and prevent vessel fluid from leaking into surrounding tissue. It also helps to reduce swelling. Lastly we’ve chosen Chenopodium Quinoa Seed Extract to help decrease the concentration of red blood cells in the skin, reducing the stagnation of red blood cells and preventing the release of red blood cells into the dermis. With stronger capillary walls and improved circulation the flow of fluids is regulated, and prevented from gathering or spreading further. This dramatically reduces the discoloration and swelling of dark circles and puffy eyes

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