Bio Marine Therapy Cream PM

Moisturized skin looks younger and more radiant but needs to be maintained with a protective barrier and therapeutic vitamins and minerals. Cosmetic Solutions’ Biomarine Therapy Cream can help transform desert dry skin into a Sea of health and radiance thanks to its Seaweed Extract ingredients. It uses Brown Sea Algae to enhance the skins ability to trap and balance moisture content while building an age-defying skin barrier. By providing protection, moisturization and the necessary skin enhancing nutrients, Cosmetic Solution’s Biomarine Therapy Cream helps protect against free radicals and the environment.

Key Benefits
  • Delivers excellent moisturization
  • Provides skin nourishing vitamins and minerals
  • Strengthens the skin’s protective barrier
  • Uses safe skin compatible ingredients
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  • Algae Advantage
    Brown algae extract is rich in trace and mineral elements that deliver vital nutrients to the skin. It works to bolster the skin’s defenses against dryness, environmental stressors and other daily factors that can dull and age the skin’s appearance.
  • Moisture Benefits
    Squalane, hyaluronic acid and glycerin work on various levels to keep the skin appearing soft, smooth and plump. Hyaluronic acid attracts water to the skin while helping to slow water loss. Squalane and glycerin have emollient properties to moisturize
  • Unrivaled Efficacy
    This formula utilizes each ingredient in its most effective form, selected specifically for its ability to deliver real results.

How it Works

Cosmetic Solutions’ Bio Marine Therapy Cream PM uses 2 key ingredients to increase the skin’s protective barrier, while nourishing the skin and locking in moisture. The first ingredient called Homeo Shield ™, is derived from Brown Algae, and promotes Stratum Corneum (outer skin layer) growth and development. This improves the skin’s natural barrier function. This increases the cellular density in the outer layer, which helps the skin to better brave conditions, such as harmful UV rays, winds, or extreme temperatures, while locking moisture safe inside. Another Brown Algae derivative; Homeo Age ™ contains all the essential vitamins and minerals necessary to stimulate cellular growth on a molecular level; nourishing and repairing the skin while you go about your daily business. This hard working ingredient motivates the cellular reinforcement needed to restore a youthful appearance and fight aging. By using Brown Algae extracts which are highly compatible with human plasma and combining them with Hyaluronic Acid and Squalane (other well know and effective moisturizers), we’ve established a super mix of hydration therapy for the driest and most sensitive of skins.

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