Establishing Your Brand

At Cosmetic Solutions, our goal is to help you gain an edge in an increasingly competitive market. Our brand consultants offer you personalized and creative branding strategies which will increase your sales opportunities.

Whichever development process you choose for your line of products (private label, custom formulation, contract manufacturing) our R&D, brand development, sales, and marketing professionals examine your line to ensure it is focused and credible. We begin with your core philosophy and analyze the formulations, labels and packaging to ensure they are consistent with your brand.

our area of expertise

Our expertise and long-standing, proven processes help optimize your Time-to-Market (TTM) value and ensure your products are never outmoded or jeopardized in quality. In addition, we’ve determined that an established, high-quality brand should adhere to certain standards, and we can help your product line achieve the Six Keystones of a Lasting Brand!

  1. Be Focused
  2. Convey Feeling
  3. Maintain Individuality
  4. Be Consistent
  5. Be Credible
  6. Establish Longevity

additional services

In addition to establishing your brand, our creative team can assist with:

  1. Postcards, Rack Cards & Brochures
  2. Product Content Development
  3. Retail Packaging & Displays

Get more information on our Branding Services & Pricing. You can also contact our team for more information.

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We start with your core philosophy and examine your line to ensure it is focused & credible

Cosmetic Solutions Establishing Your Brand Image 2