The Cosmetic Solutions team of highly talented graphic designers will help you create stunning artwork and package decoration. As experts in the industry, we specialize in design for skincare and body care products, and are familiar with all aspects of private label artwork.Working on site, our designers utilize the latest Adobe design software to work quickly in creating striking digital images. Our CMYK plotter and thermal transfer printers allow for convenient packaging prototypes and digital mockups.

Our knowledgeable designers will work closely with you to calibrate ideas and proof all designs. Once your artwork is finalized and approved, our printing runs are conducted both in-house and through fast label outsourcing when required.

decoration options

Our Marketing & Design teams are skilled at creating attractive and compelling aesthetics for your skin and body care venture. Each and every product – or product line – is fully customizable to ensure brand consistency and originality.

To dress your containers, we offer an array of labeling options and materials. We are capable of producing small runs and fast prototyping with our in-house printers on gloss, matte, clear or frosted labels.

For larger production runs, we sometimes outsource to leading printing companies, whose material and transfer options are limitless. We also outsource silkscreen & hot stamping prints, for remarkable logo placement and vector imaging.

To create attractive boxes and carton options for your products, we have a large assortment of prints, foils & ink, as well as various cardstock options for you to choose from.

Our Design Brief

To get started, we recommend you download our DESIGN BRIEF. This outline will guide you through the various aspects of your logo and label design, prompting you with questions to help determine your vision for your brand.

To get more information on product packaging options, you can contact our team.

An Image for Design and Decoration at Cosmetic Solutions, featuring a graphic designer working at her computer 

We will create an attractive & compelling design for your line – ensuring brand consistency & originality

An Image for Design and Decoration for private label skincare manufacturer cosmetic solutions featuring a colorwheel